Wageningen, the Netherlands


Entity description and role in FUEL4ME

Two Research Institutes of the Stichting Dienst Landbouwkundig Onderzoek (DLO) participate in FUEL4ME: the Institute for Food and Biobased Research (DLO-FBR) and the Plant Research International (DLO-PRI)

DLO-FBR provides fundamental, strategic and applied research to enable rapid application of academic knowledge to the market. The Business Unit Biobased Products has a strong focus on primary streams of biomass and bioresidues to produce sustainable industrial raw materials, green chemicals (added value products) and bioenergy. Together with WU, FBR has been able to establish a total research capacity with 18 PhD students and collaborations with about 20 companies in the field of microalgae. Presently, an International Algae Production and Research Centre (AlgaePARC) is established in collaboration on the observed demand from industry and agribusiness sectors.

DLO-PRI is in an excellent position to perform integrated -omics approaches. It has expert knowledge in required areas including genome and transcriptome sequencing, genome annotation, metabolomics, proteomics and analysis of regulatory networks. In the field of Genomics PRI has applied key concepts like high-throughput analyses of DNA and RNA, genome analyses and bioinformatics and have used these concepts successfully for many years for research programs focusing on gene function prediction, expression profiling and comparative genomics. With respect to metabolomics, PRI has many years of expertise in GC/MS and LC/MS analyses and the identification of known and unknown biochemical compounds in a large variety of samples, including plants, human fluids and cell lines, microbes and algae.

DLO coordinates FUEL4ME and participates in the fundamental research on genomics and metabolomics (WP1), the microalgae cultivation (WP2), the development and integration of the conversion process (WP3), data input for sustainability assessment (WP5), and dissemination and exploitation (WP6)


Contact person

Dr. Lolke Sijtsma, mail (link to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)