Wageningen, the Netherlands


Entity description and role in FUEL4ME

Wageningen UR is a research institution that focuses on the domain ‘healthy food and living conditions’ developing top-quality expertise and also helping translate the knowledge into practice worldwide.
Within the Bioprocess Engineering Group (BPE), research is done on development of novel biotechnological processes for production of pharmaceuticals, healthy food ingredients, bulk chemicals and biofuels. BPE’s challenge is to produce high quality biobased products in a sustainable and economical way. In this way, exhaustion of natural resources is prevented and the chance that newly developed technology is implemented in (bio)technological industry is increased..
Wageningen UR is carrying out activities related to FUEL4ME coordination (WP7), metabolic flux modeling , development of production strategies of lipids (WP1), data input for sustainability assessment (WP5), and dissemination and exploitation (WP6).

Contact person

Dr. Maria Barbosa, mail (link to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)